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Survivor's assistance checklist

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

The purpose of the survivor's assistance checklist is to help you begin to manage details after the loss of a loved one. This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us if you need assistance with legal issues after death.

Immediately After Death

□ Make Organ Donation, if applicable

□ Notify Relatives and Friends

□ Notify Clergy and Funeral Director

□ Check for Pre-Arranged Funeral

□ Protect Against Burglary

□ Obtain Death Certificates

□ Do Not Use Car (Uninsured)

□ Track Visitors, Gifts, Donations

□ Contact Social Security Re: Death

Gather Legal Papers

□ Last Will & Testament

□ Revocable Living Trust

□ Divorce Decrees, if any

□ Deeds to Property

□ Mortgages or Land Contracts

□ Promissory Notes

□ Corporate and/or LLC Documents

□ Any Contracts in Decedent’s Name

Personal Affairs

□ Distribute Personal Property

□ Donate/Dispose of Clothes and Other Items

□ Honor Charitable Pledges

□ Talk to Attorney Before Terminating Car Lease and Cell Phone

□ Cancel Utilities and Subscriptions

□ Cancel Credit Cards

Gather Asset Information

□ Bank Account Statements

□ IRA and/or Retirement Statements

□ Brokerage Account Statements

□ Certificate of Deposit

□ Stock and Bond Certificates

□ Credit Card Statements

□ Automobile Title

□ Check Register – Past 3 years

Collect & Distribute Assets

□ Claim Benefits (SS, VA, Life Ins.)

□ Itemize Safe Deposit Box

□ Talk to Attorney about Selling or Transferring Assets, and Changing Title on Assets

□ Maintain Cash Reserves

□ Obtain Receipts for Distributions

□ Talk to Attorney Before Paying Unpaid Bills

Gather Tax & Insurance Information

□ Property Tax Statement

□ Tax Returns - Past Three Years

□ Homeowner’s Insurance

□ Life Insurance

□ Automobile Insurance

□ Long-Term-Care Insurance

□ Contact Accountant

□ File Income Tax Returns

Gather Personal Papers

□ Birth Certificate

□ Social Security Card

□ Passport

□ Driver’s License

□ Marriage Certificate

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